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Things may appear to have been quiet over the last few months.... but there is some very exciting news to tell you....


Thank you to all of you supported this campaign.
Your voice has been heard!

More information to follow over the coming months


What a great response we had to our recently distributed questionnaire .. Nearly 1300 local people responded .... Over 98% of respondents said they preferred Option 1 ... NOT Crown Meadows. Thank you to all of you who have supported us all as a town in SAVING OUR CROWN MEADOWS


Things may appear to have been quiet over the last few months.... but there is some very exciting news to tell you....

10th January 2014

The questionnaire below has been delivered to local residents today in the Blackmore Vale Magazine.  Completed forms can be dropped off at the Tourist Office, Colin's Community Club, Papyrus, The Hambledon Gallery, Dorset Larder and Valentine Gallery or scan and email it to us at  Alternatively you can download the form here and scan and email it to us at

You can also complete the form online at Survey Monkey

4th January 2014

And the rain continues.... there is nothing anyone can do to control the weather, but we must respect its ability to throw at us what it will at any time it wants... and therefore any action that councils in parternship with developers take should be carefully thought about by them, take into consideration the wishes and knowledge of local people, the future risk to their safety and properties, and without putting commercial gain and greed first.

The picture below was taken at 1pm today from Bryanston woods, overlooking the proposed development site on the Crown Meadows.  The green grass that is left is where the development would be!!  What more can we say?

2nd January 2014
The recent wet and windy winter weather has obviously caused the banks of the River Stour to burst and for the overflow of water to run onto the flood plain (the Crown Meadows), to within a very short distance of the boundary of the site proposed for the development of houses.

Crown Estate photomontage of how development      Real live photograph taken from the Blandford bridge
would look from the Blandford bridge                       on 24 December 2013 of the same view of the Crown Meadows!!                     

Flooding photo gallery - Crown Meadows 23rd/24th December 2013



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November 2013
were nearly 200 visitors
to the consultation exhibition in November, which showed plans for an alternative site to the Crown Meadows for housing development.  There continues to be great interest and passion from local people about their town's heritage setting.

2nd November 2013

From now until 2pm.


Have your voice heard!!!
You can help oppose council plans to develop Crown Meadows by heading to
the Crown Hotel, Blandford today to support the alternative, viable scheme from Blandford St
Mary Homes Ltd (award winning development of Bryanston Hills).
 Their proposal is for a development at St Mary’s Hill; see their website for details:

6,000 locals said NO! but North Dorset District Council is still determined to allow the building of 200 homes on the unique and idyllic Crown Meadows in Blandford Form - destroying the natural heritage of this beautiful former parkland for ever. Everyone understands the need for new and affordable housing but there IS an alternative scheme. So please come support the Blandford St Mary Homes' alternative proposal at a public consultation at the Crown Hotel on Friday November 1st (4pm-8pm) and Saturday November 2nd (10am-2pm). Make your voice heard!  Please visit the exhibition and let as many people as possible know about it.

Sorry not to be the bearer of better news.. but, in the full council meeting on Friday 27th September, the council approved North Dorset District Council's new Plan, which includes the allocation of the Crown Meadows as a site for development of houses. Believe it or not... it was by 16 votes to 4.. with 4 abstentions! How did that happen?
Please follow this link for minutes of that meeting
Go to Minutes section at bottom of the page and the ones you want to look at are 27th September 2013

So, the Crown Meadows remains the option for 150-200 houses. The council recognised that the people of Blandford do not want the Crown Meadows developed, but claimed that the other site does not have a sound plan to be an option. Pity the alternative option (and the preferred option of the Blandford people) wasn't given as much, if any, support to be a sound option ... as the Crown Estate (receiving North Dorset District's Council full attention) has for over three years now....


This Friday 27th September 2013 at the Full Council Meeting at North Dorset District Council, they hope to push through, with suspiciously indecent haste, the allocation of the Crown Meadows to be developed on ….. despite the Blandford townsfolk having said ‘No’, on more than one occasion… the last being a near 6000 signature petition last year.

What you can do… Lobby your local Councillor by all possible means (letter, email, and in person) and remind them that they are elected to represent their constituents.

Those beautiful meadows should not be desecrated for short term gain, but preserved for future generations.

North Dorset District Council appear to be ignoring the alternative sustainable site by Tesco for the development of housing, in favour of the Crown Estate’s offering of Blandford’s iconic Crown Meadows, which 6000 local people have said they don’t want to be developed.  Where is the Localism Agenda?  Why have North Dorset District Council failed to fully explore this option, and why have they for the last three years given support to the Crown Estate by way of hosting their exhibitions and plans, to the exclusion of other options?

The alternative site is being offered by a local developer, who delivered the multi-award winning development at Bryanston Heights, Blandford St Mary on the land between the By-pass and the Old Dorchester Road.  This development also resulted in the District Council itself receiving an award! Consultants for the local developer have been and still are working with the Highways Authority to address issues relating to crossing of the bypass and other issues with positive outcomes, e.g. a safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists resident on the site, and also for users of the Trailway, which currently
ends on the proposed alternative site.

The alternative site by Tesco would achieve economic, social and environmental benefits.  As well as generating employment and bringingmoney into the local economy, the development would fulfil the new homes target, provide social housing, provide jobs for local people, and contribute to the local community. 

In addition to all the above, Blandford Forum would be able to keep its treasured Greenspace, the Crown Meadows (or “land West of Blandford” as the Crown Estate views it) which almost 6000 people asked for in the petition to North Dorset District Council last year.

This is a ‘No Brainer’… North Dorset District Council, why are you continuing to pursue the option of development on our Crown Meadows?  The people of Blandford Forum give you the backing to tell the Crown Estate “No thank you” to the Crown Meadows being built on.



It continues to pursue the option of houses being built on the Crown Meadows, Blandford Forum...
despite overwhelming local opposition against this option

The battle may be over... but the war goes on.....



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Crown Meadows
View from the Blandford Bridge

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