Bryanston Park Preservation Group

        Background: Crown Meadows, Blandford Forum, Dorset

Rather than opening up the Crown Meadows (Bryanston Deer Park) for the enjoyment of the locals and turning it into a tourist attraction and amenity for the local population to enjoy the land, wildlife and historic value that has been at the heart of Blandford for hundreds of years, North Dorset District Council, in conjunction with the Crown Estate, are instead proposing to build up to 200 houses on your land in your market town.

The Crown Estate says this view from the Blandford Bridge will not be spoilt.....

...the truth is - not even the Crown Estate can hide 150-200 houses!

Once this happens, there's no going back .....

Up to 800 more car journeys daily in the already congested one-way system will impact on us all - we don't need more traffic misery

There are two suitable alternatives:

1. The site to the North East, large enough for 800 houses

2. The site to the South by Tesco, large enough for 360

Traffic from these two sites does not have to go through town!

All three major local political parties and Blandford Town Council oppose development of the Crown Meadows.

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