Bryanston Park Preservation Group

Do we want the same traffic congestion that there was before the Blandford bypass?

Below is one of our supporter's memories of the traffic congestion before the bypass was built, which is becoming almost the same now - and with and extra 150 - 200 houses near the town centre and with one access road via the town centre will certainly create the same problems of traffic congestion as was seen before the bypass. 

"It's quite normal for us to take things for granted but, at the time, the By Pass must have been a huge moment in Blandford's history.  Three years in the building, but what a relief when it opened! What about ambulances and fire engines? There must be plenty who remember those days and who wants to go back there?  Anyone remembering traffic conditions in Blandford prior to the opening of the by-pass in May 1986 would simply not believe that any organisation would contemplate returning the town to where it was before. They should be open to ridicule."

Thank you to our supporter who sent in this very interesting information.

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