Bryanston Park Preservation Group

Why this development must be stopped


Part of the site is likely to flood at some time in the future.  No allowance has been made for climate change.
In fact, the River Stour has broken its banks four times this year due to prolonged rainfall, and severely flooded the meadows very close to the proposed site, and
as recently as this week (26th November 2012) 

Please see pictures of the floods in the 'Flooding Picture Gallery'

With ever increasing and unpredictable effects of climate change, it is better to be safe than sorry (you only need to look at Gloucester and Cockermouth).  Any development so close to the current Flood Zones is likely to be at an increasingly greater risk over time.  Why put future generations at risk?

Flooding on Crown Meadows in April, close to the proposed site for building, enticed birdlife

This is the map that the Crown Estate did not want you to see!

The Crown Estate's own Flood Assessment!


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