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Posted by Caroline Adamson on 11/01/2014   Email

Perhaps a stupid question, but has a ground water survey of the proposed development area ever been done? If not, might there be some mileage in commissioning one in the hope that, during this time of both flooding and complete ground saturation, this could be shown to be higher than the accepted norms. Were this, hopefully, shown to be the case, surely this would be of hugely influential factor in the decision making process.

Posted by george on 09/04/2013

No development on crown meadows please. The crown meadows/deer park IS liable to flooding. The only access in & out of this proposed housing estate is through the town centre & past every shop in blandford, hundreds of extra cars/lorries every day. The crown meadows are in a conservation area & has diverse wildlife, kingfishers,otters,owls,frogs, bats (protected greater horseshoe) etc. The existing nddc core planning strategy BL7 states the crown meadows should remain as open countryside & protected from encroaching development which would jeopardize their use as a recreational area. There are far better alternative sites.

Posted by lisa on 31/03/2013

totally disagree with Brian M, the traffic would certainly increase and why would the beautiful countryside as you enter Blandford be 'ideal' what a ridiculus thing to say when there is plenty of other land that would not affect the town in such a detrimental way. The traffic in town is bad enough already and puts many people off coming here, which was also be very detrimental. The Crown Meadows need saving, they are far to important to the town and its people.

Posted by Samantha on 31/03/2013

The Crown Meadows should NEVER be built on, there's poor access, its likely to flood and the traffic is going to be even worse than already!!!!!

Posted by Brian M on 06/01/2013

Sorry. I disagree with all of you. I think that this location is ideal for limited development - certainly better than expanding beyond the by-pass with the threat that this will continue into the surrounding countryside. The Crown Meadows are used at present by very few people, this proposal offers to open up most of the land, that which is not developed, to public access. The houses will not be built on flood plain. Congestion in Blandford is not bad at the moment and I don't think that these houses will cause it to become unacceptable. Please, let's not be sucked in by all the Nimbys.

Posted by BPPG Save Our Crown Meadows on 30/11/2012   Email

Thank you Gillian and Fab for your support which is so important.

Posted by Gillian on 30/11/2012

Thank you for all you are doing to protect the crown meadows. I have just written my letter opposing this development.

Posted by Fab on 19/11/2012

You are doing a great job and I shall be writing a letter to NDDC to let them know my strong opposition to this proposal, and to ask them why they are not giving as much consideration to the other out of town sites.

Posted by Ancient Mariner on 10/07/2012

As regular visitors to Blandford, we are absolutely appalled that some senseless bureaucrat is even considering building on the Crown Meadows. The meadows represent one of the outstanding natural assets of the town. Best of luck in your endeavours to prevent the implementation of this ridiculous and impracticable proposal.

Posted by Stan W on 21/06/2012

BPPG in cyberspace - great!!

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