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A Petition signed by nearly 6000 people opposed to the development of the Crown Meadows was presented to Liz Goodall, Chief Executive of North Dorset District Council on Monday 20th August 2012 at the North Dorset District Council Offices, Nordon, Salisbury Road, Blandford, DT11 7LL. Thank you to all you attended.

BBC South Today were there and the presentation of the Petition was televised live on the 1.30pm news and also shown on the 6.30pm South Today evening news. Please click on the links below:

Thank you to all of you who supported us in signing the Petition - we got 5,756 signatures. Nearly 6000 of you, more than 60 per cent of the population of our market town!

Bryanston Park Preservation Group
Supported by Campaign to Protect Rural England

Presentation, Monday 20th August, 1.30pm, Nordon, Salisbury Road, Blandford DT11
A petition signed by nearly 6000 people – more than 60 per cent of the population of a Dorset market town – will be presented on Monday 20th August to the chief executive of North Dorset District Council.

The signatories, the vast majority of whom give local addresses, are all objecting to the potential inclusion in the district’s core strategy for future development of a site for up to 200 new homes on a valued green space and former deer park overlooking the river Stour which has for centuries remained a key landscape feature of the town and is the site of listed World War II defences.

The proposal comes from the Crown Estate, which owns more than 2000 hectares of land surrounding Blandford Forum forming the Bryanston estate, and which in January this year held a public consultation into its plans for homes on the Crown Meadow and former deer park between the town and river. It will mean relocating a long established riding stable, and is on a site well-known for its proximity to the flood plain of the river Stour.

But the key objection from the mass of objectors, including the town council, local parish, district and county councillors, the three main political parties, local civic society and the CPRE, is to the introduction of hundreds of vehicles whose only access to the planned estate will be via the town’s already congested one-way system.
It is also viewed with alarm by those who see the site as an iconic feature in the town landscape, a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna, including the protected Greater Horseshoe Bat.

Campaigners against the proposal, led by the Bryanston Park Preservation Group, highlight a number of alternatives put forward in the draft core strategy to produce the 1300 new homes considered necessary in the Blandford area to meet future housing requirements in the district.

In the space of two months, they have collected 5,756 names on the petition which will be presented at 1.30pm on Monday 20th August at Nordon, the headquarters of North Dorset District Council in Salisbury Road, Blandford, to council chief executive Liz Goodall.

Reporters and photographers will be welcome at the presentation, or to contact BPPG chairman John Cook for further information on 01258 452746 or by email to

Editor’s notes:
1. North Dorset District Council’s draft core strategy (New Plan for North Dorset) sets out to guide development in the area for the next 15 years, and went out to public consultation early in 2010 (see
It was put on hold when the regional spatial strategy setting out development objectives for the region was withdrawn, and has been subject to revision in the light of comments received. A revised draft is expected to be published later this year and go out to public consultation in the spring of next year.
2. CP15, relating specifically to Blandford, identifies the Crown Meadows site west of Blandford and Blandford St Mary as the preferred option for up to 200 houses.
3. The petition signed by the people of Blandford states: “We the undersigned are totally opposed to the proposed housing development of the Crown Meadows site (SHLAA ref. No. 2/03/0397) because it fails to respect Blandford’s iconic setting and would exacerbate the already severe traffic congestion in the one way system.”

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