Bryanston Park Preservation Group

The deadline for the Petition ended on 22nd July 2012.  Thank you to all of you who supported us by signing the combined Petition, paper, ePetition and iPetition.

We have 5,756 signatures.  Nearly 6000 of you, more than 60 per cent of the population of our market town!

The Petition was presented to the Chief Executive of North Dorset District Council on Monday 20th August, 1.30pm, at Nordon, Salisbury Road, Blandford.  BBC South Today were there for the presentation, which was televised live on the 1.30pm South Today news, and shown again on the 6.30pm evening news.  Please follow the link below.

Thank you to those who came along to support us.

We understood that there were a number of people who live outside of the area who are regular visitors to Blandford, or who come from Blandford but have moved away to work but still have strong ties to the town, and who are also strongly opposed to the proposed development.  We had been asked by a number of them if we could set up an ePetition for them to make their voice heard.  In the Government response to the 'Local Petitions and Calls for Action' Consultation (July 2008) it encourages Local Authorities to respond to petitions from outside the area.  People living outside of the area were able to sign a separate iPetition, although we couldn't guarantee that their signatures would be accepted by North Dorset District Council towards the total number.

Thank you for your support.

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